Direct File Transfer is a program that permits you to Send and Recieve files to over networks.  I am releasing it under the GNU General Public License for two reasons.  First, because this license recognizes your freedoms.  Second, because Open source promotes software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review and rapid evolution of source code.

There is already a functional version written in Java that has been tested with the 1.4.1 JRE.  I have decided to not continue to improve this version because there is not currently a set of free (as in freedom) or open-source compilers or interpreters for the language that supply the functionality necessary for my program.  I would appreciate help with the current version I am working on.  Contact me thinkmoredeeply at if you are interested.

Currently I have a graphical user interface that describes my intent for this program.  If you know C++ and you care to use the wxWindows libraries (or want to learn) I would be glad to add you as a developer.  I am especially interested in people who can help me complete the functionality of the GUI.  Go to my project site to get a copy of it.

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